Phone numbers for individual prosecutors and support staff can be found below the organizational listing on this page.

Charging Division


The Charging Division provides around-the-clock, seven-day-a-week staffing at the Central Booking Intake Facility. The division reviews statements of probable cause and other supporting materials provided by the arresting officer and makes charging decisions for all warrantless arrests. The division's War Room reviews the record and charging documents of each arrestee to identify violent repeat offenders. The division also represents the State's interest at bail review hearings.

Communications & Community Affairs


The Communications Division is responsible for responding to and communicating with the press and the public regarding the State's Attorney's Office and cases being prosecuted in the District and Circuit Courts of Baltimore City. The division also coordinates community outreach and produces an array of publications designed to instruct and inform citizens.

District Court

Bordering District Court Building: 410-878-8161

Eastside District Court Building: 410-878-8575

John R. Hargrove Sr. District Court Building: 410-878-8440

The District Court Division is responsible for prosecuting all misdemeanor and certain felony crimes, including serious traffic violations that originate in the District Court. Prosecutors are located in the three criminal District Court buildings.

Economic Crimes


The Economic Crimes Division investigates and prosecutes a variety of economic crimes, including major theft, fraud, counterfeit, and white-collar matters. The division also prosecutes arson cases, including homicides caused by arson.



The Homicide Division investigates and prosecutes homicide cases. The division also assists the Baltimore City Police Department with the investigation of cold homicide cases and police-involved shootings.



The Juvenile Division, located in the Baltimore City Juvenile Justice Center, is responsible for handling cases involving people who are under the age of 18, charged with a crime, and assigned to Juvenile Court.

Major Investigations Unit


The Major Investigations Unit focuses on the investigation and prosecution of violent repeat offenders. The goal of this unit is to use a wide range of investigative techniques in a proactive way to build cases against these individuals and prosecute them.

Management and Information Systems

The MIS Division is responsible for implementing and maintaining information systems that support prosecutors and administrators. The division also builds and maintains criminal justice databases, oversees electronic connectivity, and creates visual aids to help the office and prosecutors explain complicated criminal evidence, events, and data.

Police Integrity


The Police Integrity Division is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of Baltimore City law enforcement officers charged with committing a crime. The Division works closely with the Baltimore City Police Department's Internal Affairs Division and other law enforcement agencies to determine if criminal charges are appropriate.

Special Victims Unit


The Special Victims Unit investigates and prosecutes cases involving domestic violence, child abuse, and sex crimes. The Division also prosecutes sex-related misdemeanors such as failure to register with the Maryland Sex Offender Registry, indecent exposure, and child stalking, as well as child abuse-related homicides, cases involving students battered by educators, and cases of vulnerable adult abuse or neglect by non-institutional caretakers.



The Training Division develops and provides up-to-date training to members of the Baltimore City State's Attorney's Office and the Baltimore City Police Department.

Victim and Witness Services


The Victim and Witness Services Division assists the victims and witnesses of crime in Baltimore City. This includes assisting with crime victim restitution, notifying participants of court dates, serving as a crisis response team, coordinating community outreach, and organizing the annual Baltimore City Victims' Fund Run. The division also oversees the Family Bereavement Center, an agency that assists family members of homicide victims.

Zone 1


Zone 1 prosecutes cases originating in Baltimore's Eastern, Northeastern, and Southeastern police districts.

Zone 2


Zone 2 prosecutes cases originating in Baltimore's Central, Western, and Southern police districts.

Zone 3


Zone 3 prosecutes cases originating in Baltimore's Northern, Northwestern, and Southwestern police districts.