Office of the State's Attorney for Baltimore City

SAO Press Releases

For Immediate Release 4/28/2015

Our primary focus is utilizing our resources to continue our independent investigation into the death of Freddie Gray to determine if criminal charges will be filed.

For Immediate Release 4/24/15

 Nicolaos Trinitis, the former owner of South East Baltimore’s Bill’s Café, was convicted Friday of more than a dozen counts of third-degree sex offense four separate counts of sexual child abuse.

For Immediate Release 4/23/15

On October 22nd, 2013 Gwendolyn Johnson was shot and killed in the 800 block of Abbott Court, Latrobe Homes in Baltimore’s Old Town neighborhood. Wednesday, a jury convicted Brittany “Chops” Powers of first-degree murder and associated handgun crimes for killing Ms. Johnson. Powers was also convicted of the attempted first-degree murder of Cha-Donna Chase, as well as hand gun crimes.

For Immediate Release 4/20/15

While I cannot discuss the details in the death of Freddie Gray due to the ongoing investigation...

For Immediate Release 4/17/15

Joseph Oglesby was convicted Friday of the murder of Ralph Timmons during a failed burglary in April of 2013. The jury found Oglesby guilty of first-degree burglary and murder during the commission of a felony. Assistant State’s Attorney Tonya LaPolla prosecuted the case. The murder took place in the 1900 block of North Bentalou St. in the Mondawmin neighborhood.

For Immediate Release 4/16/15

Darrin Ruffin was sentenced today to 25 years in prison for murdering his wife, Melissa Davis, with a kitchen knife in their apartment in Greenmount West. The sentence was handed down by Judge Shar after a jury found Ruffin guilty of second-degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon last October. Assistant State’s Attorney Michelle Wilson prosecuted the case.

For Immediate Release 4/16/2015

Lukasz Szkiluk has been sentenced to Life Plus 10 years for the murder of his estranged wife Karolina Derezinska Szkiluk and for the assault of Judith Holland.

For Immediate Release 4/15/2015

Carlos Wheeler, 28, has been found guilty of conspiracy to commit first degree murder, attempted first degree murder, and second degree assault. Wheeler is a well-known member of the “Gucci Boys” gang, an Eastside Drug Gang that operates in the Broadway East Neighborhood.

For Immediate Release 4/14/2015

Robert Johnson, 33 and Denita Hill, 26, were found guilty in federal court of wire fraud conspiracy and aggravated identity theft relating to a scheme to defraud Baltimore City with fraudulent employee retirement benefit checks.

For Immediate Release 4/7/2015

The death of a 15-year old at the hands of yet another 15-year old is an unspeakable tragedy that no sentence can ever adequately address.