The Baltimore City Grand Jury returned indictments yesterday against three correctional

officers, Sergeant Kwasi Ramsey, Sergeant Jemiah Green, and Officer Richard Hanna, who

on September 30, 2013, allegedly conspired with one another to execute a series of assaults

against incarcerated inmates the morning after a fellow officer had been attacked, announced

the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office. Sergeant Green was also indicted, along with

Lieutenant Michael Foy, for a separate assault on an inmate that allegedly took place on

January 12, 2014.


According to the indictment, during the early evening of September 29, 2013, inmates

allegedly assaulted a correctional officer working in the Maryland Reception, Diagnostics and

Classification Center (MRDCC). Several inmates were believed to be responsible for the

attack, and they were relocated from their housing dorm to other locations at the facility.

The next morning, Sergeant Ramsey, Sergeant Green, and Officer Hanna are alleged to have

carried out a series of assaults on at least five separate victims, moving from one cell in one

section to the next. According to the indictment, the correctional officers allegedly kicked

and punched the inmates and used handcuffs, radios, and mace in the course of the attack.

The indictment returned by the Grand Jury also alleges that Sergeant Ramsey instructed

several of the victims to claim that they had fallen from their bunks or that they had injured

themselves in order to obtain medical treatment for the injuries sustained during the assault.

All three men are charged with conspiracy, multiple counts of assault in the first- and

second-degree, and misconduct in office.


Several of the inmates who were victims of the alleged assaults by Sergeant Ramsey, Sergeant

Green, and Officer Hanna have already themselves been indicted for the assault that

allegedly took place the previous night.


In a separate indictment also returned yesterday, the Baltimore City Grand Jury charged

Sergeant Jemiah Green and Lieutenant Michael Foy with assaulting an inmate on January 12,

2014, at the Baltimore Central Booking and Intake Center (BCBIC).


“We created the City Correctional Investigative Unit to root out gang activity and other

wrongdoing in Baltimore correctional facilities,” Governor O’Malley said. “Today’s action is

important, and we will continue to focus aggressively on the safety and integrity of jails and



“Our Internal Investigative Unit detectives were on this case immediately, and made sure to

bring in CCIU and the State’s Attorney’s Office right away,” said Department of Public

Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) Secretary Gregg Hershberger. “We expect all of

our officers to conduct themselves honorably and with integrity. Those who do not will be

held accountable.”


State’s Attorney Gregg Bernstein said, “Thanks to the full cooperation of DPSCS, and the

diligent work of the detectives and prosecutors assigned to this case, we are one step closer

to ensuring that those who abused their authority are held accountable.”

The investigation was jointly conducted by the City Correctional Investigative Unit (CCIU),

the Intelligence Unit and the Internal Investigative Unit (IIU) of the Department of Public

Safety and Correctional Services, which first brought the matter to the attention of

prosecutors and cooperated fully throughout the investigation of the case.

An indictment is not a finding of guilt. A person is innocent unless and until proven guilty.

The Major Investigations Unit is responsible for the prosecution of these cases.