Office of the State's Attorney for Baltimore City


The sole mission of the State’s Attorney Office is to safeguard communities in Baltimore City through the effective prosecution of crime. To fulfill this mission, our prosecutors have been sworn to not only aggressively advocate on behalf of the victims of crime, but in the pursuit of “justice,”—when the evidence exists—to exonerate those that have been falsely accused or convicted. The public must know that “justice” is the only barometer of success for this office.


The Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office—which is uncompromisingly committed to accountability, professionalism and transparency— is working towards a future where community confidence in the criminal justice system is restored; violent repeat offenders are held accountable; and communities feel safe.

Here’s What We’ve Been Up To…

1. Targeting Violent repeat offenders

  • Partnered with the Baltimore City Police Department to establish a comprehensive process in which to identify violent repeat offenders
  • Obtained several convictions against violent repeat offenders; including Darryl Anderson, former Baltimore City Public Enemy #1
  • Created a new Criminal Strategies unit that is data and intelligence driven that will be used to better target violent repeat offenders and provide prosecutors with a better understanding of the criminal past of their defendants

2. Protecting the Public

  • Established a Policy & Legislative Affairs Division to pursue laws that reflect the ideals of the office
  • During the 2015 legislative session in Annapolis, Marilyn Mosby fought to:
    1. Raise the maximum penalty for 2nd degree murder from 30 to 40 years; domestic abusers are often charged or convicted of this crime because of how difficult it is to prove premeditation in these cases
    2. Conform Maryland law with current federal statutes in cases of rape and sexual assault; Mosby wants the prior convictions and accusations against child abusers and serial rapists to be allowed into evidence during trial; currently a serial rapist can claim that he or she had consensual sex with their victim, and rely on the fact that their prior sexual conduct will be barred from being told to the jury
    3. Increase the penalty for subsequent drunk driving convictions when a death or injury occurs as a result of the incident; Mosby is advocating for these increased penalties to take habitual offenders off our road ways to better improve public safety
    4. Increase incentives for employers to hire ex-offenders
    5. Pursue truth in sentencing by prohibiting the earning of diminution credits to reduce prison terms for inmates who are serving sentences for use of a firearm during the commission of a felony or crime of violence

3. Community First Focus

  • Created an entire bureau dedicated to Community Affairs, which includes: Crime Control & Prevention; Community Engagement, and Victim/Witness Services
  • Initiated several youth-initiatives that not only seek to prevent crime but to expose young people to the criminal justice profession as opposed to the criminal justice system
  • Re-implemented the Community Liaison Program to better engage and inform communities impacted by crime