Community Engagement

Changing the Way We Engage the Community

The BCSAO is working towards a future for Baltimore City where community confidence in the criminal justice system is restored, violent repeat offenders are held accountable and communities feel safe. In order to reach these goals, the BCSAO is taking a holistic approach to fighting crime that starts with changing the drug and gang infused, “Don’t Snitch” culture in Baltimore’s neighborhoods.

In 2015, State’s Attorney Mosby created the Community Engagement Unit and tasked the unit with educating, engaging and empowering Baltimore’s communities. Today, the unit is led by a Director and includes 9 community liaisons each assigned to a police district. Each year the Community Engagement Unit plans several events designed to connect the community with the BCSAO including quarterly Community Days in Court and National Night Out. The unit’s primary responsibility, however, is to work in the community on a daily basis educating communities on the criminal justice system, engaging youth and young adults, and empowering victims and witnesses of crime to work with law enforcement. The liaisons keep communities informed about key cases and trial dates, facilitate victim and community impact statements and connect victims to resources.

Community Liaisons

Reginald Williams

Division: Director
Location: 120 E Baltimore St
Direct # (443) 984-6162

Donovan Hatcher

Division: Central
Location: 120 E Baltimore St
Direct #(443) 263-8114

Bria Lee

Division: Northwestern 
Location: 120 E Baltimore St
Direct #

Andrea Curley

Division: Northeastern
Location: 120 E Baltimore St
Direct # (443) 984-6047