Youth Programs

Investing in Our Youth

Juvenile offenders in Baltimore City are at times brazen and violent in their crimes. While we, as prosecutors, are limited by the constraints of the law as to what we can do to hold brazen violent youth accountable, we can attempt to reach our youth before they potentially engage in violence. That’s why, under the Mosby Administration, the BCSAO has made significant investments in our youth to engage them in the positive aspects of the criminal justice system. Since 2015, State’s Attorney Mosby has sworn in 299 students in the Junior State’s Attorney program, reached over 550 4th and 5th graders through Great Expectations and gave more than 20,000 youth and their families a safe and fun alternative on Friday nights through #B’MorePop-Ups in person and virtually for 2020 and 2021. The BCSAO not only prosecutes those who commit crimes in Baltimore City, but also plays an active role in the prevention of crime by getting to youth before they run the risk of getting entangled in the criminal justice system.