Crime Strategies Unit

In 2015, State's Attorney Mosby created the Crime Strategies Unit (CSU) to use data and 21st century technology to fight crime. The CSU works closely with the BPD, other law enforcement agencies and members of the community to identify groups and individuals most responsible for committing crimes that impact our communities, from violent crimes to lower-level, quality-of-life offenses. The CSU then facilitates information sharing about these individuals an groups throughout the SAO and among all of our partners to inform bail recommendations, strengthen cases and improve prosecutorial outcomes. The CSU is based on a model created by the Manhattan District Attorney's Office.

One of the foundations of this strategic approach is the development of an Arrest Alert System within the SAO. Prosecutors are now alerted immediately when a targeted individual is arrested for any reason. CSU ASAs coordinate with prosecutors at the Central Booking and Intake Facility (CBIF) to ensure the appropriate charging decisions and bail recommendations are made for these individuals. This ensures that priority targets, whether they pose a danger to the community or are needed for an existing case, will not go undetected during the booking and intake process. In 2016, the Arrest Alert System issued nearly 1,400 alerts.