The Charging Division

The Charging Division of the Office of the State's Attorney (OSA) is physically located in the Baltimore City Booking and Intake Center (BCBIC) and operates on a 24 hour basis, 365 days a year. From this location attorneys review charging documents for all on-view arrests made by police officers, make decisions to release or charge offenders based on principles of law, and produce and provide bail recommendations to court commissioners for all cases involving violent felonies and firearm charges and other cases identified as needing such action. Services also include screening all offenders for eligibility for Early Resolution (ER) Court, Quality Case Review (QCR) dockets and Repeat Violent Offender (VRO) status. This Division follows up with notifications of arrests to the Division of Parole and Probation, to the Department of Juvenile Services, trial units of the OSA and other law enforcement partners. The Charging Division also prepares and staffs the District Court bail review cases on a daily basis. The District Court of Maryland, the Baltimore City Police Department and the Division of Public Safety & Correctional Services rely on this Division of the OSA to clear outstanding warrants and writs pursuant to Motions to the Court. Attorneys in the Charging Division also meet and conference daily with an Assistant Public Defender at which time the QCR Docket is prepared and certain eligible defendants charged with quality of life crimes appear in court within days of their arrest and have their case(s) resolved.

Office: 410-545-8091