The Special Victims Unit (SVU) is a specialized division that investigates and prosecutes crimes involving rape, sexual offenses, human trafficking, child abuse, elder abuse and domestic violence.

Former Anne Arundel State’s Attorney, Anne Leitess, joins the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office as Chief of the Special Victims Unit. The Special Victims Unit, which includes domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, and other family violence crimes.

Leitess briefly served in the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office as an Assistant State’s Attorney, before joining the Anne Arundel State’s Attorney’s Office in 1990.

In recent years, Leitess served on a number of boards and commissions including: the State's Attorneys' Coordination Council, the Governor's Commission for Effective Community Inclusion of Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council of Anne Arundel County, and the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Council of Anne Arundel County.

Leitess attended West Chester University, where she earned a B.A. in Political Science. She graduated from the University of Baltimore School of Law in 1988.

Office: 443-984-6074