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A Baltimore man faces 75 years in prison after being convicted of a May 2021 murder. On Friday, a jury found Andre Preston guilty of shooting 30-year-old Gary Wilson to death in the 3000 block of Normount Court. Read more.

‘E-carceration’ was expanded during the pandemic as a stop-gap solution to prevent people charged with crimes from languishing in unsafe conditions. Advocates want it to be permanent—and free. Read more.

In a statement posted on Facebook on Thursday, Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby called the vandalism “doubly heartbreaking” because it was committed on International Transgender Day of Visibility. “I am disgusted to learn about the transphobic and homophobic graffiti that was painted on the property of Baltimore Safe Haven,” she said. “Hate has no home in our city, and we will work with our partners to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice.” Read More.

In March 2020, Mosby’s office stopped prosecuting drug charges, said Michael Collins, the strategic policy and planning director for the Office of the State’s Attorney in Baltimore City.  That, coupled with a state law decriminalizing cannabis in 2015 and the Baltimore Police Department coming under a federal consent decree in 2017, has led to a rapid drop in cannabis arrests in the city, he said.  “There’s obviously a yin and yang between prosecutor’s offices and the police,” Collins said. “What we’ve seen here is that as we’ve stopped prosecuting these cases we’ll see a drop off in arrests as well.” Significantly, cannabis arrests are finally close to mirroring the city’s demographics, according to a Grown In analysis. Read More.

According to State Attorney Mosby, homicide prosecutors manage nearly 25 to 30 cases, and some handle nearly 10 cases simultaneously, "in order to obtain justice on behalf of victims and their family members." Read more.

Daily Voice- Keith Gladden, 35, pleaded guilty to the first-degree murder of Dontrell Toliver in the McElderry Park neighborhood back in 2020 on Wednesday, March 16, the office said, according to a release from the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office. Read More

DOJ- U.S. District Judge Catherine C. Blake sentenced Khalil Shaheed, age 28, of Baltimore, Maryland, today to 106 months in federal prison, followed by three years of supervised release, for intent to distribute controlled substances, possession of firearms in furtherance of drug trafficking, and possession of a firearm by a felon. Read More

Real News Network- Baltimoreans who showed up to heckle O’Malley that day were there to demand answers for the “zero tolerance” policies he imposed on the city, which they believed created many of the conditions that led to Freddie Gray’s death and to the uprising that followed. In 1999, O’Malley ran for mayor on fixing the city’s homicide problem (315 homicides in 1998) by applying a “zero tolerance” approach to crime, a “broken windows”-style policy of arresting people for incredibly low-level charges such as jaywalking, loitering, open container and so on, under the belief that this helps reduce crime. The theory, quite simply is: If you lock up more people, there will be fewer people around to commit crimes. Read More

DOJ- According to his guilty plea, in 2018 Bickling visited a website that offered live chat rooms with Asian women.  After hearing children in the background of chat rooms, Bickling asked a female performer to show her daughter nude for $50.  After agreeing to Bickling’s request, the female performer posed her prepubescent daughter on video chat as Bickling masturbated.  Bickling estimated that this conduct occurred 12 to 15 times within a two-year period.  In at least one instance, Bickling masturbated during a video live chat involving a child that was approximately eight or nine years old.  Bickling claimed that this occurred while he was drinking excessively. Read More

Fox Baltimore- Mosby’s Office recently launched a new data dashboard detailing indictments, convictions and other information. According to the dashboard, 840 indictments were made in 2019 for possession with intent to distribute. In 2021, 455 indictments were made for the category. In the same timeframe, Mosby’s office had a 98% conviction rate for felony narcotics cases. “Anybody that thinks we are not, rest assured that we are,” Mosby said. “We are continuing to arrest drug leaders and prosecute.” Read More