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WMAR- Instead trained professionals will handle certain mental health emergencies that involve potentially suicidal and non-suicidal individuals. Read More

WBAL TV- Hogan will also meet with Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby at some point. When that meeting takes place, Mosby said she wants to know why the governor cut certain grants. Read More

 WBAL TV- He entered the prison system at just 16-years-old facing a life sentence. But on Thursday, Donald Braxton was a free man. It comes after Baltimore City State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby agreed to support his release after his decades of work while incarcerated. Read More 

Baltimore Sun- “Declaring the war on drugs over in Baltimore, State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced Friday she will make permanent her COVID-19 policy to dismiss all criminal charges for the possession of drugs including heroin,” a March 26 story in The Sun reported. And, like Krasner, there has been criticism of her, much of it from the Fraternal Order of Police. But there has also been some from citizens, as a recent story in The Sun noted. Read More

Capital Gazette - The Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office announced Wednesday that a grand jury had indicted Steven Melton, 37, accusing him of murdering Dominic Carr on April 5., Melton is charged with first-degree murder, and faces a possible life sentence, prosecutors said. Read More

The Grio- In addition to the substance — or lack thereof — of the station’s reporting, the Baltimore City SAO filing underscores concerns about threats to Mosby’s safety. It alleges that WBFF revealed Mosby’s home address during one of its live broadcasts in 2020, and last month, the station attempted to find out what schools Mosby’s two young children attended. Read More

Washington Post- During his decades behind bars for murder, Donald Braxton kept busy. He earned his GED, associate’s degree and 74 credits from Coppin State University. He mentored other inmates and troubled teens who visited prison. He joined Narcotics Anonymous and wrote for the prison newsletter. Read More

Davis Vanguard- As leaders committed to justice and fairness, we work every day to earn the trust of our communities and repair the harms that have been done by an overly punitive criminal legal system. We believe that after someone has been held accountable for their actions, they and their families deserve the chance to move forward and live whole, healthy, and happy lives. Read More


- AZ Central- Aspiring lawyers interested in civil rights and justice should consider serving as prosecutors. Prosecutor’s offices need to reflect the diversity of their communities. So far, that is not the case. For instance, only 1.8% of lead prosecutors are women of color. And when there is diversity, sadly, it is not appreciated by everyone. Black female prosecutors, like Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, have been the target of racist threats and hate mail. Read more

 Miami Times Online- Police unions sometimes block progress – legislation or ideas – that would make policing better. They would rather go to battle than adapt or change. In many cases, they fight increased accountability. They are the reason that bad apples remain on the force even after clear wrongdoing. In some instances, they work to intimidate and bully those elected officials who do seek accountability, with cases in point being Kim Gardner in St. Louis, Aramis Ayala in Orlando, Fla., and Marilyn Mosby in Baltimore. Read More