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SAO Press Releases


Man Chased and Publicly Gun-downed by His Brother-In-Law

North West Baltimore (October 15, 2018)-Defendant, Richard Cardell Jones Jr. was sentenced to life plus 32 years in prison. In June 2018, a jury convicted him of first-degree murder, using a firearm in the commission of a crime of violence and illegal possession of a regulated firearm in the 2017 murder of his brother-in-law, Lawrence Lee Jones. The defendant was previously disqualified from possessing a regulated firearm under Maryland law resulting from a conviction in 2014.

Assistant State’s Attorney (ASA) Adam Lane Chaudry, the prosecutor on the case, was grateful for everyone who willingly came forward during the investigation and trial. “The courage displayed by the State’s civilian witnesses in taking the stand and testifying despite fears of retaliation to see that justice was served is a testament to the good that still exists in this City,” commended ASA Chaudry.


Baby Endured a Fractured Skull & Days of Neglect

West Baltimore (October 15, 2018)- Perry Nelson-Johnson, 32, was sentenced to 40 years in prison with all but 25 years suspended for his role in the death of his 5-month-old son, Emmanuel Johnson, in 2017. Nelson-Johnson pled guilty to child abuse resulting in death in July 2018.

This case was prosecuted by Special Victims Unit (SVU) Division Chief Anne Colt Leitess and SVU Assistant State’s Attorney (ASA) Katherine Smeltzer.


Brave 9-Year-Old Victim’s Testimony Results in a Conviction

South Baltimore (October 15, 2018)-Jorge Fuentes, 54, was tried and found guilty by a Baltimore City jury for the sexual abuse of a minor. 

Assistant State’s Attorney (ASA) Jennifer McAllister prosecuted the case.


Concerned Neighbors Lead Police to the Crime Scene

Northwest Baltimore (October 11, 2018)-William Mason, who shot his pregnant girlfriend, Khaya Lambert in June of 2017, was found guilty of first-degree murder and use of a handgun in a crime of violence.

Assistant State’s Attorney (ASA) Traci Robinson prosecuted this case.


Argument Outside Convenience Store Turns Deadly

Southeast Baltimore (October 10, 2018) —James Chavis was sentenced to the maximum sentence of 10 years for the stabbing death of Oscar Acevedo. Chavis was convicted by a jury of manslaughter in June 2018.

Assistant State’s Attorney (ASA) Jennifer Brady prosecuted the case.


South Baltimore(October 5, 2018)-Eddie Tarver— was convicted of Conspiracy to Commit Murder of Rashaw Scott that resulted in the death of one-year-old Cater Scott in May of 2013. He was sentenced to Life in prison. For more than three years Assistant State’s Attorney Tonya LaPolla prosecuted this case.

"I truly have to thank Baltimore Police and civilian witnesses who remained committed to justice, throughout all of these trials,” said LaPolla.


Victim Killed in Front of Friends on Porch

Southwest Baltimore (October 5, 2018) — Sean Morris received the maximum sentence of life plus 35 years for first-degree murder. Morris was convicted in June of first-degree murder by a Baltimore City jury for the public execution of Troy Gladney in August of 2017.

Assistant State’s Attorney (ASA) Noelle Newman prosecuted the case.


Police Bust Known West Baltimore Drug Shop

 West Baltimore (October 5, 2018)—Darrick Stokes pled guilty to possession of Fentanyl with the Intent to Distribute. He was sentenced to a total of 20 years in prison—12 years for possession with the intent to distribute Fentanyl and eight years to be served consecutively for violating his probation for a 2014 Attempted Distribution conviction. Stokes is a repeat offender with multiple offenses that include possession of a handgun and second-degree assault.

Assistant State’s Attorney Danielle Cardin prosecuted this case.

Witness Testimony and Security Footage Identify the Killer

West Baltimore, Maryland (October 1, 2018)  Terrell Gibson was convicted after trial by jury of First Degree Murder and Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Crime of Violence in the 2017 fatal shooting death of the victim, Dionay Smith.

Assistant State’s Attorney Adam Lane Chaudry of the Homicide Unit prosecuted the Case. 

“Sadly Dionay Smith was executed not by a stranger, but by an individual that he knew and associated with, "said ASA Chaudry. “This was a senseless and horrendous act for which the jury has now held the Defendant accountable for. Justice has been served.”

Joint Pursuit of BCPD Patrol and Foxtrot Secure Defendant Arrest and Conviction

Northwest Baltimore, Maryland (September 28, 2018) On August 7, 2016, defendant Saint Paul Macklin rear-ended a vehicle with two women inside waiting at a traffic light in the intersection of Park Heights and Shirley Avenue. When the female driver exited the vehicle to inspect the damage, Macklin emerged from the driver’s seat of a black vehicle, walked behind the victim and entered her car. Although the victim attempted to pull Macklin out of her car, the defendant fled the scene. The female passenger – still seated inside the stolen car – threw herself from the moving vehicle just as the car sped off followed by the black car Macklin initially drove.