Press Releases

On-duty Officer Found Unconscious, Inebriated Behind the Wheel of His Patrol Car


Baltimore, Maryland, (April 19, 2019) - Former Baltimore City Police Officer, Aaron Heilman, 27, pled guilty to driving while under the influence of alcohol and misconduct in office. In October of 2018, the defendant drove his BPD patrol car under the influence of alcohol while on duty. The defendant will be sentenced for his conduct on August 9, 2019. In accordance with a plea agreement, the defendant faces a maximum of two concurrent one-year sentences with all but 30 days suspended, 18 months of supervised probation, and all standard DUI penalties. As such, the defendant must use an ignition interlock device on his vehicle and be subject to the Drunk Driver Monitoring, M.A.A.D., and Shock Trauma programs, and an alcohol restriction on his license.

Assistant State’s Attorney Brandon Jones of the Public Trust and Police Integrity Unit prosecuted this case.

Man Dies from Being Shot 23 Times by Multiple Shooters


Northwest Baltimore (April 16, 2019) - Xavier Farmer has been found guilty of the October 2017 first-degree murder of Terrill Kennedy. Farmer was also convicted of conspiracy to commit murder, use of a firearm in the commission of a crime of violence and possession of a firearm as a prohibited person.

Assistant State's Attorney (ASA) Charles Martin Fitzpatrick prosecuted this case.

Baltimore Man in Prison for 41 Years Resentenced to Two Life Terms


South West Baltimore (April 16, 2019) - This month, Gold Leroy Bass, Jr., 69, was sentenced to two concurrent life sentences plus two concurrent five-year sentences without parole for the first-degree murders of Harry McGee and Nathaniel Sheppard on December 21, 1973. In 2017—41 years since receiving both original life sentences in 1976—Bass was granted a new trial under Maryland’s landmark Unger ruling. This year, a jury found Mr. Bass guilty of first-degree murder and using a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence.

Assistant State’s Attorney David F. Owens prosecuted this case.

Shooter Leaves Victim’s Stolen Jewelry Inside the Getaway Car


North West Baltimore (April 16, 2019) - Colin Waters was convicted of felony murder, robbery with a deadly weapon, second-degree murder, handgun during a crime of violence, and wearing, carrying and transporting a handgun as a prohibited person. These charges stemmed from the robbery-homicide of Ernest Solomon in March of 2017.

Assistant State’s Attorney (A.S.A.) Sheryl Atkins prosecuted this case.

Traffic Stop Escalates into Fatal Crash


Baltimore (April 12, 2019) - Kevin Wilder, Jr., was sentenced to a total of eleven years in prison after pleading guilty to grossly negligent manslaughter and driving without a license.  Wilder received the maximum sentence for each offense which he will serve consecutively. 

 Assistant State’s Attorney (ASA) David Owens prosecuted this case. 

 Annapolis, MD (April 10, 2019) – The Maryland State House passed House Bill 874  bipartisan legislation that will soon allow judges to grant a prosecutor’s request to vacate a conviction “in the interest of justice and fairness,” especially in cases involving actual innocence, cases tainted by police misconduct, or cases involving behaviors like marijuana possession that would not be prosecuted in the jurisdiction today.

Victim Lost His Life from a Violent Altercation after a Card Game Party


West Baltimore (April 3, 2019) - Shennika Floyd and Edward Capers face a combined 68 years in prison for the murder of David Daye. Floyd was convicted of second-degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon, and Caspers was convicted of first-degree assault and assault with a deadly weapon.

Assistant State’s Attorney Traci Robinson prosecuted the case.

Police Recover Murder Weapon Near the Scene of the Shooting


Southeast Baltimore (April 1, 2019) – Repeat offender, Jonathan Phifer, was sentenced to the maximum sentence of life plus 35 years for the murder of Tavon Miles in April of 2018. In January, a jury convicted the defendant of first-degree murder, use of a firearm in a crime of violence, and possession of a regulated firearm by a prohibited person.

Assistant State’s Attorney (ASA) Jennifer Brady prosecuted this case.

Eye Witnesses Identified Shooter Who Killed a Man Standing on a Corner


Baltimore, Maryland (March 28, 2019) - Damonte Johnson received the maximum sentence of 65 years in prison, with the first ten years to be served without the possibility of parole, for the April 27, 2017 murder of Ronald Rice. Defendant Johnson was sentenced to 30 years for second degree murder, 20 years—without the possibility of parole for the first five years—for using a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence and 15 years—without the possibility of parole for the first five years—for possessing a firearm after being convicted of a crime of violence. All sentences are expected to run consecutively.

Assistant State’s Attorney David F. Owens prosecuted this case.

Defendant Shot Fleeing the Murder Scene


Southwest Baltimore (March 27, 2019) - A jury returned a guilty verdict against Michael Campbell for the October 2017 murder of Phillip Johnson. Campbell was convicted of first-degree murder and using a firearm in the commission of a crime of violence. As a felon, the defendant also received several gun-related convictions.

Assistant State’s Attorney (ASA) Michael Dunty prosecuted this case.