Press Releases

 For Immediate Release 5/27/2016

Keyon Jackson has been sentenced to life plus 20 years for the murder of construction worker  Nathanial Wheeler. In April, a jury convicted Jackson of first degree murder, conspiracy to commit first degree murder, and use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence. 

In July of 2015, Baltimore Police found the lifeless body of Wheeler hanging from the bobcat he was operating. According to witnesses, an unknown person drove Jackson to the construction work site, where he shot the victim multiple times in his head and body. Jackson then ran back to the vehicle, jumped into the passenger seat and the driver took off.  An officer who was present during the shooting, heard the gunshots and saw the car fleeing the work site at a high rate of speed, before commencing to a vehicle pursuit. With the assistance of additional police units, including Foxtrot, Jackson was apprehended after bailing out of the vehicle. 

An investigation into this murder revealed that Nathanial Wheeler is the brother of Carlos Wheeler, a “Gucci  Boys”, gang member who was sentenced to life for the attempted murder of Ronnie Thomas Jr., the son of Ronnie “Skinny Suge” Thomas, creator of the stop snitching videos. 

Three days after Carlos Wheeler  was sentenced, Ronnie Thomas Jr. was murdered. Investigators believe Nathanial Wheeler’s killing was in retaliation for his brother attempting to murder Thomas Jr.

“It is our job as law enforcement officials to ensure that when murderers take a life in this city, they spend the rest of theirs behind bars," said State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby. "The court of law has no tolerance for street justice."