Office of the State's Attorney for Baltimore City

For Immediate Release 8/12/2016

Reginald Love, the final defendant involved in the murder of one-year-old Carter Scott, was convicted of first degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, attempted first degree murder and two handgun charges.

For more than three years Assistant State’s Attorney Tonya LaPolla prosecuted this case.

"I truly have to thank Baltimore Police and civilian witnesses who remained committed to justice, throughout all of these trials,” said LaPolla.

Love was part of a crew that conspired to kill Rashaw Scott in May of 2013. Scott was lured to the 1200 block of Cherry Hill Road at approximately 8:30 p.m. He had his one-year-old son, Carter Scott, in the back seat of the car. When Scott arrived at the location, he was ambushed by four men wearing latex gloves who fired multiple shots into the vehicle. Scott and his son were struck multiple times—his son did not survive the shooting.

"The prosecutors in my office work tirelessly and diligently to make sure those who are victimized in this city receive the justice they deserve,” said Mosby. “As a mother of two young girls, I cannot imagine the anguish his family feels.  I hope that the completion of this case, with all defendants convicted and facing lengthy sentences brings some closure and comfort to the family of Carter Scott.

Baltimore Police were in the area when the shooting took place. They responded, and witnessed the shooters flee the scene in a Toyota Solara. The driver crashed while trying to evade police. Investigators recovered latex gloves worn by the shooters from the crime scene and DNA evidence from the getaway vehicle.

Love’s DNA was found inside the crashed vehicle and on the latex gloves recovered from the scene. As the case developed, authorities intercepted a letter written by Love asking an individual to tamper with the jury during jury selection.

Love is the last defendant to be convicted in the murder of Carter Scott. Last year, Cornell Harvey, the man responsible for setting up the father of the child, and a violent repeat offender, was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences plus 50 years for the child’s murder. Harvey arranged a meeting with Rashaw Scott by fabricating a story about needing to go to an apartment complex in Cherry Hill to see a relative. Harvey directed the child’s father to pull into the parking lot of the complex. He then exited the vehicle and told Scott to wait. Suddenly, several men approached the vehicle and began shooting into the car. In April, accomplices to the murder were also sentenced.

Rashid Mayo was sentenced to two life sentences plus 45 years, Eddie Tarver, sentenced to two life sentences plus 20 years, and Dequan Shields was sentenced to life plus 20 years.

Eddie Tarver was captured by police after bailing out of a getaway vehicle. Rashid Mayo, who was deemed public enemy number one by Baltimore Police, fled to Louisiana, but was captured two months later. The getaway car used in the crime was registered to Mayo’s girlfriend, Breyon Cason. In July of 2016, Cason was found guilty of accessory to murder.

On the day of the murder, Cason had called 911 to report her car stolen. When officers realized the reported stolen car was the one used in a murder they scheduled an interview at Cason’s home. Cason told detectives that Mayo and her sister had dropped her off at work, but did not return to pick her up, so a coworker took her home. She told detectives that her sister informed her that Mayo had been hit in the face and someone had taken the car. Later that evening, Cason’s coworker called and told her she saw her car on the news. Cason claimed she had not spoken to Mayo, but text messages tell another story.

Detectives found photos of all three defendants in Cason’s phone, including text messages telling her to stick to the plan and to say her car was stolen. Additional text messages attempted to ensure Mayo was safe and that he was able to get out of town because police were looking for him.

"None of these defendants could have been brought to justice if it hadn't been a team effort, between our office, Baltimore Police, and the community," said LaPolla.

Reginald Love, will be sentenced September 19, 2016. Breyon Case is scheduled for sentencing August 30, 2016.

"This case always been very near and dear to my heart, even before I was elected,” said State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby. "The tragic murder of this one-year-old boy could not go unpunished, and my office made certain that all of those responsible for the murder of this innocent child were brought to justice. Our children should not be the victims of the irresponsible and selfish behavior of adults."