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For Immediate Release 2/17/2017

Northwest Baltimore— Aubrey Stokes faces a maximum of 33 years in prison for the second degree murder of Travis Dixon in 2015. On Wednesday, a Baltimore City jury found Stokes guilty of stabbing Dixon to death and openly carrying a deadly weapon with the intent to injure him. Assistant State’s Attorney Sharon R. Holback prosecuted the case.

Shortly before March 27, 2015,  Stokes gave Dixon $400 to act as a middle man for a purchase. Dixon never made the purchase and never returned Stokes’ money.

Dixon, in an exchange of text messages that were introduced at trial, complained that Stokes was threatening him about the money.

The evidence presented showed that Stokes made good on the threats—visiting Dixon’s home in the 2200 block of Chelsea Terrace in Northwest Baltimore’s Mount Holly neighborhood. Based on the investigation, the suspect first argued with and then stabbed Dixon in the chest five times. Dixon bled to death at the scene.

After the attack, Stokes fled and hid in a hotel to avoid arrest. A retired police officer testified that he saw a man running from the scene with a large knife and called in the incident anonymously.

As police continued to investigate the case, a witness with knowledge of the murder emerged, identifying Stokes as the person who told him he had killed the victim. Stokes, upon arrest, initially asserted that he was in East Baltimore when the murder occurred. Later, Stokes was confronted with cell phone records from an FBI expert, which placed him in the Mount Holly area at the time the victim was stabbed. He then admitted that he was there, but claimed another man was the assailant. That man was murdered two months after Dixon’s death.

“Mr. Dixon’s life was worth more than $400 dollars, and I commend the witness for ensuring his conviction by testifying in court,” said State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby. “With the support of the community, my office and the Baltimore Police Department are better able to carry out our jobs. This conviction is yet another example of what is possible if we all work together to get these violent offenders off our streets.”

Stokes is scheduled to be sentenced on April 25, 2017.