Office of the State's Attorney for Baltimore City

For Immediate Release 7/24/2017

Southeast Baltimore—Kenny Barfield, 39, was convicted of being a Felon in Possession and Illegal Possession of a Firearm. Assistant State’s Attorney Daniel Kim prosecuted the case.

As a result of the drug trafficking complaints made by community members, video surveillance was granted between the 200 block of Spring Court and the 1400 block of May Court to monitor the criminal activity. Detectives of the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) Southeast District’s Operations Unit were able to secure a search and seizure warrant for an address in the 1400 block of May Court, where Kenny Barfield and his two children were residing. In November of 2016, Officers approached the May Court residence after observations determined that there was enough probable cause from surveillance footage to search the premises.

As officers approached the house, Barfield‘s 16-year-old son answered the door. Minutes later, Barfield arrived and was detained on the first floor while officers searched the other rooms. In the master bedroom, Police found mail in the name of Kenny Barfield—affirming him as the legal tenant of the property—and a box with one round of ammunition inside. In Bartfield's daughter’s closet, detectives found more boxes—one containing a loaded handgun with an obliterated serial number and another filled with $2,000.  

Kenny Barfield is prohibited from possessing a handgun, a regulated firearm and handgun ammunition based on a prior conviction for Second Degree Assault in September of 2002 in addition to a conviction for Attempted Murder in the Second Degree in September of 1998 and a felony conviction for Possession of CDS with Intent to Distribute from November of 2002.

“Assistant Attorney Dan Kim did a thorough job presenting this case” said Gun Violence Enforcement Division Chief Charles Blomquist. “He, along with the dedicated work of Baltimore Police Officers, were able to remove illegal guns from our streets."

Barfield is scheduled to be sentenced on August 28, 2017 before Judge Jennifer Schiffer. He is facing a total sentence of 21 years of incarceration.

“As gun violence continues to plague our communities, my administration is committed to doing all we can to keep violent repeat offenders off our streets,” said State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby.