Office of the State's Attorney for Baltimore City

For Immediate Release 8/15/2017

Northeast Baltimore - Daryell Mack was convicted of second degree assault, as well as second and fourth degree sex offense. Assistant State’s Attorney Robert Render prosecuted the case.

On July 27, 2016 Mack invited a woman whom he had known for several years to his home to watch a movie. When the woman arrived they began drinking and smoking marijuana. After finishing the first movie, the two went into another room to look for another movie to watch. It was at this point Mack began trying to undress the woman. She resisted, but was thrown to the ground and sexually assaulted.

The woman was able to force Mack off of her. She then put on her clothes and demanded that Mack call her a ride home. Mack agreed, but did not go through with her request. As the two waited for the ride that was never called, Mack attacked the woman a second time. Mack eventually stopped and then arranged for a ride to take the woman home.

Two days later the woman reported the attack and had a SAFE exam performed. Her exam revealed diagnostic findings consistent with her report of the assault. Mack was arrested and subjected to a suspect exam. Nurses reported scratches consistent with the woman’s account of where she scratched him while fighting off his attack.

“A majority of the sexual assaults people experience are carried out by a person they know. I appreciate this woman’s courage in naming her attacker and standing up for herself by seeking justice for the assault she endured,” State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby said. “I hope that someone reading this story, who has been victimized—is encouraged by this outcome.”

Mack is scheduled for sentencing on September 14, 2017. He faces a maximum penalty of 31 years in prison.