Office of the State's Attorney for Baltimore City

For Immediate Release: 9/26/17

West Baltimore - The Office of the State’s Attorney’s for Baltimore City (SAO) visited Matthew Henson Elementary School earlier today in West Baltimore to launch the third year of Great Expectations, an effort of the Crime Control & Prevention Unit within the agency. Great Expectations expands to three schools this year: Matthew Henson, Gilmor, and City Springs Elementary Schools touching over 170 students.

The goal of the ten-month program is to get children interested in law enforcement careers, and expose the students to the positive side of the criminal justice system while improving their critical thinking and reading skills.   Once a month, criminal justice professionals from the State’s Attorney Office, Public Defenders Office, Baltimore Police Department, Fire Department, District and Circuit Courts, City and State legislatures, civil rights activists, and more present and engage students in discourse about their individual roles and responsibilities, in addition how they work collectively to serve the city of Baltimore.

“Whenever we talk about youth in this City, I’ve always said we need to reach our children in the classroom before the courtroom,” said State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby. “As a public safety agency, our responsibilities extends beyond the courtroom—we have to do everything we can to prevent crime. And I firmly believe that mission includes intervening in young people’s lives and providing positive programming and role models.”

Under the Mosby Administration, the Office for the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City has made youth programming a priority through the Crime Control and Prevention Unit by developing programs that introduce the city’s youth to the criminal justice system through positive aspects and professions in hopes that they will not enter the system as a defendant. State’s Attorney Mosby charged Deputy Director of Crime Control and Prevention Deborah Spector with creating Great Expectations.

The Office also hired its first Youth Coordinator earlier this year, Shalik Fulton. His role is underwritten through funds secured through the 2016 RECAST grant award. In addition to Great Expectations, Fulton has led this year’s youth focused efforts including Youth Violence Prevention Week 2017, the 2017 Junior State’s Attorney Program, and the SAO’s Summer #PopUp series.

“I love State’s Attorney Mosby’s commitment to Baltimore’s youth. I was born and raised in this City and it means a lot to me to have this opportunity to give back to the young people. They need positive influences in their lives, and I’m glad to be a part of that.” Fulton said.