Office of the State's Attorney for Baltimore City

For Immediate Release 11/8/2017

Northeast Baltimore— Devin Edmonds, a member of the violent Northeast District's Alameda Drug Shop Crew, was sentenced to 80 years in prison suspend all but 60 years.

After two weeks of trial in August, Edmonds was convicted of attempted second degree murder, as well as several counts of first degree assault; multiple counts of reckless endangerment; several counts of assault and conspiracy to commit assault in the first and second degree; and more than a half dozen firearms charges.

Major Investigations Unit (MIU) Chief Gerald Collins and Assistant State’s Attorney Michael McAllister prosecuted the case.

Prosecutors presented facts to substantiate that on the evening of March 12, 2016, Devin Edmonds got into a fight with a man—Victim 1— at a concert. As a result of the altercation, Victim 1 was hospitalized.

Hours later, at approximately 3:00 a.m., Victim 1's girlfriend—Victim 2— was in her home when an unknown assailant or assailants fired several rounds of ammunition into her home. Fearing for her safety, Victim 2 took her child and another relative to a secure location inside the residence. She then called her boyfriend. During this conversation, she learned that her boyfriend had been hospitalized.

Victim 1 left the hospital to check on his girlfriend. After the couple met up and ensured that their family members were in a safe location, the two victims returned to the hospital so that he could finish receiving treatment.

After receiving treatment, the two victims and another individual left the hospital together in a car. As the three were traveling in the 1200 Block of Rossieter Avenue, another vehicle—described as a burgundy Grand Cherokee— approached them from the opposite direction. Edmonds was driving the vehicle.

As the two vehicles passed each other, Edmonds displayed a gun, pointed it at the victims' vehicle, and began shooting at all of the occupants. Edmonds then made a U-turn and began chasing the victims.

The victims turned down a side street as they fled from Edmonds. Victim 1 and the other individual got out of their vehicle and fled on foot, as Victim 2 continued to drive. 

A few moments later, as Victim 2 approached the intersection of Northwood Drive and Stonewood Road, another vehicle—described as a gray sedan— violently rammed into her vehicle, causing her to crash through a fence surrounding a nearby property. 

The driver of the gray sedan got out of the car and approached her with a gun. Fearing for her life, Victim 2 begged the man not to shoot her. The man then checked the vehicle, observed that there was no one in the car, then left the scene—sparing Victim 2 from further injury. 

Victim 2 then exited her vehicle and sought help at a nearby residence. Emergency personnel responded to the scene and found that she had suffered a serious gunshot wound to the back of her shoulder.

During the course of the investigation, law enforcement identified surveillance video from a gas station near the shooting. A review of the surveillance video revealed that five minutes before the shooting, Edmonds was not only in the immediate area of the crime, but was operating the burgundy colored Grand Cherokee described by the victims.

Following his arrest, law enforcement continued their investigation into the activities of Edmonds by listening to calls made by him and his associates while incarcerated. During these calls, Edmonds made several incriminating statements, including acknowledging his role in the shooting and soliciting others to keep the victims from attending court.  While on trial, Edmonds continued to make calls where he continued to discuss his role in the crime.

“A substantial sentence was warranted, given the extraordinary disregard for human life and public safety displayed by the defendant,” State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby said. “Northeast Baltimore is a safer community without this perpetrator of violence on its streets.”