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Joint Pursuit of BCPD Patrol and Foxtrot Secure Defendant Arrest and Conviction

Northwest Baltimore, Maryland (September 28, 2018) On August 7, 2016, defendant Saint Paul Macklin rear-ended a vehicle with two women inside waiting at a traffic light in the intersection of Park Heights and Shirley Avenue. When the female driver exited the vehicle to inspect the damage, Macklin emerged from the driver’s seat of a black vehicle, walked behind the victim and entered her car. Although the victim attempted to pull Macklin out of her car, the defendant fled the scene. The female passenger – still seated inside the stolen car – threw herself from the moving vehicle just as the car sped off followed by the black car Macklin initially drove.

Baltimore City Police officers were called to the scene of the carjacking while the Baltimore Police Department Foxtrot helicopter canvassed the area. One hour later, a patrol officer operating a police transport van approximately one mile from the location of the carjacking spotted the stolen vehicle on Park Heights Avenue. He also noticed a black car following closely behind. After making eye contact with the patrol officer, both vehicles turned abruptly onto Oakley Avenue.

“This conviction is owed, in large part, to the diligent and measured response from patrol on the ground and Foxtrot in the air,” said ASA Rothstein. “The footage preserved by Foxtrot shows remarkable restraint by patrol as they maintained a safe distance from the fleeing vehicle while Foxtrot guided their pursuit until Macklin could no longer flee.”

The patrol officer observed both Macklin and the driver of the black vehicle commit multiple traffic violations before the cars split driving in opposite directions. The officer continued to follow Macklin until the Foxtrot and additional patrol response joined the pursuit which lasted for seventeen minutes. Macklin sped through the Northwest District, driving on Forest Park Golf Course, running numerous red lights, almost crashing into a bus and nearly causing an accident on Interstate 83 South. The pursuit ended at Liberty Heights and Calloway Avenue when Macklin bailed out of the car and attempted to open the doors of multiple moving vehicles. Macklin was able to jump into the open window of a moving pick-up truck, but the driver promptly drove toward three police vehicles at the intersection that had arrived in pursuit. Police took Macklin into custody after a brief period of resistance.

“A carjacking is an exceptionally frightening crime to endure, and the details of this incident are especially disturbing,” said State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby. “I applaud the collaboration between our prosecutor and the team at the Baltimore Police Department for securing this conviction ridding our community of yet another violent repeat offender.” 

Macklin is scheduled to be sentenced on November 26, 2018. He faces approximately 34 years in prison.


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