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Today’s homicide conviction is the 13th out of 14 trials, representing a 93% conviction rate for the unit

BALTIMORE, Md. (October 4, 2021) – Today, State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced two major convictions for the Homicide Unit and Special Victims Unit. This morning, Lawrence Banks was found guilty of Second Degree Murder and Unauthorized Disposal of a Body by a Baltimore City Jury. Banks faces 41 years if given the maximum penalty for both charges. Sentencing is scheduled for December 6, 2021. Banks also has a pending Handgun charge which will be heard in reception court tomorrow morning. This case was prosecuted by Assistant State’s Attorney Elizabeth Stock.

On Friday October 1, Gregory Richburg was found guilty of Attempted 2nd Degree Rape after a jury trial.  Richburg faces 20 years in prison at sentencing, which is scheduled for December 16, 2021. This case was prosecuted by Assistant State’s Attorney Mark Jaskulski.

In light of Domestic Violence Awareness Month I want to highlight two recent cases that demonstrate my office’s commitment to ensuring that when you hurt, maim, rape, or kill in this City, you will be held accountable. Thanks to the valiant and collaborative efforts of BPD and our prosecutors, the juries in both cases have returned guilty verdicts,” said State’s Attorney Mosby.

The details of Lawrence Banks case are as follows: On May 12, 2019 Baltimore Police responded to the 3900 block of Clarks Lane for a report of a suspicious package next to the dumpster behind an apartment complex. The investigation revealed the package was actually the body of Dominique Foster, missing her head, hands and feet, naked, tied with cord, and wrapped in trash bags inside of a shopping cart.  Detectives were able to located video surveillance of the dump site and observed a male figure pushing the shopping cart to its final resting place at approximately 9:48 p.m. on May 10, 2019 from the direction of the apartments located at 4001 Clarks lane and then returning in that direction. Once the body was identified, based on tattoos, and later confirmed by DNA, Detectives received information that Banks lived in the apartments at 4001 Clarks Lane and had a volatile history with the victim.

A lengthy search of Banks’ apartment was conducted and the chemical agent Luminol reacted in several locations within the front door area of the apartment, as well as down the hallway leading to the side door closest to the exit by the dump site.  Luminol reacts to blood which may be present in amounts too small to see with the plain eye, or to blood that has been “cleaned up” prior to the arrival of a crime scene team.  Small amounts of the victim’s DNA were confirmed in the samples taken from some of the areas that luminesced.

Detectives were able to retrieve several text messages exchanged between the victim and Banks from earlier on the same day that the victim’s body was dumped.  Additionally, police located a video showing the victim getting into the Banks’ car at approximately 2:00 p.m.  Cell phone tracking technology was used to place both the victim and Banks’ phones in the same general area up until after the victim’s body was disposed of.  Additional GPS internet tracking, which is accurate up to 29 meters, was used on Banks’ phone and placed him going from his apartment to the dumpster area and back to his apartment at the same time the video showed the victim’s body being dumped.  When Banks was seen by family members after the crime, he had visible scratches to his neck and upper arms.

On May 29, 2019, Baltimore Police executed a search warrant at the 4000 block of Clarks Lane and recovered a .380 Beretta semi-auto handgun in the bedroom at the bottom of a trash can within Banks’ residence.  Banks is prohibited from possessing any firearms or ammunition based on several prior convictions for crimes of violence.

The details of Gregory Richburg’s case are as follows:  A Baltimore Police Officer responded to a call of an assault on January 30, 2020 at the 3800 block of Bayonne Avenue around 10:00 a.m.   They spoke to the female victim who said that at 7:30 a.m., her husband Gregory Richburg attacked her in their home.  The victim said that Richburg beat her on her head and body, strangled, smothered and threatened to stab her with a piece of glass.  Richburg also attempted to rape the victim and said to her “that she was going to die that day.”  The victim attempted to escape the attack by climbing out through a window, but Richburg pulled her back inside and assaulted her.