Office of the State's Attorney for Baltimore City

For Immediate Release 2/26/2015

Lukasz Szkiluk was found guilty of first degree murder of his estranged wife Karolina Szkiluk and guilty of first degree assault and false imprisonment of Judith Holland.

On June 29, 2013 Baltimore Police were called to the home of Szkiluk after a woman Judith Holland, called saying she was tied up inside of a home and Szkiluk’s wife was dead downstairs. When police arrived they found Holland tied to a bed, and observed the body of Szkiluk’s estranged wife with a gunshot wound to her chest.

According to the prosecutor in this case, Holland was called over to the home and physically assaulted by Lukasz Szkiluk, who strangled her and knocked her unconscious, before tying her to a bed. When she regained consciousness, she could her Szkiluk and his wife arguing in Polish. She then heard a noise that sounded like a “pop”. Holland says she was then untied by Szkiluk and taken downstairs where she saw the body of his wife, now deceased. Holland was taken back upstairs where she was tied to the bed, again. The defendant left the home, giving Holland time to free at least one hand from the cords and call 911.

While police were at the home, the defendant was seen driving by, and was ultimately arrested after a short car pursuit. The prosecutor in this case says strong scientific evidence corroborated with the statement of Judith Holland which aided in the prosecution, and conviction of Szkiluk.

Sentencing is scheduled for April 15, 2015.

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