Office of the State's Attorney for Baltimore City

For Immediate Release 4/17/15

Joseph Oglesby was convicted Friday of the murder of Ralph Timmons during a failed burglary in April of 2013. The jury found Oglesby guilty of first-degree burglary and murder during the commission of a felony. Assistant State’s Attorney Tonya LaPolla prosecuted the case. The murder took place in the 1900 block of North Bentalou St. in the Mondawmin neighborhood.

Oglesby’s accomplice and co-defendant, John Knox, plead guilty to all charges and will be sentenced in July. Oglesby is scheduled for sentencing in June.

On the night of the murder, Timmons came home while Oglesby and Knox were burglarizing his home. Timmons found Knox hiding in a closet in the kitchen. Timmons held Knox at knife point while his son—who was upstairs at the time— came down to the kitchen to call the cops. Oglesby emerged from the basement with a gun and fired six shots into Timmons. Timmons’ son turned to flee and was shot in the leg.

Timmons’ son managed to escape by running upstairs to his bedroom, locking his door and then jumping off the balcony to safety. He found a nearby patrol officer and told the officer what had happened. Police responded to the incident and found Knox and Oglesby in the basement. Knox was hiding behind some crates and Oglesby was found hiding inside of a fold-up couch. Oglesby told homicide investigators he was innocent.

“This was a team effort, and I’d like to thank Detective Ragland for doing a fine job on this investigation. I’m happy that justice was served today, and a person with a violent history is off the street because they were convicted of felony murder.” LaPolla said.

State’s Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, said that she was proud of LaPolla’s performance.

“Tonya is one of our most gifted prosecutors. She has handled a number of high profile homicide cases, and today’s verdict is just another example of how much talent we have here at the State’s Attorney’s Office. We are serious about putting violent repeat offenders away, and we are using our best and brightest prosecutors to make it happen.” Mosby said.