Office of the State's Attorney for Baltimore City

For Immediate Release 6/11/15

Dondre Roberts admitted Tuesday to a violation of probation as part of an earlier guilty plea to second-degree murder and attempted murder.

Tuesday’s plea added an additional four years onto Roberts’ initial 40 year, suspend all but 20 years, sentence. Roberts pled to the murder and attempted murder on May 11th. Assistant State’s Attorney Kurt Bjorklund prosecuted the case.

On April 14th, 2014, Roberts stabbed Raysharde Sinclair  and Markantoni McBroom during a fight in the 5100 block of York Road at a gas station in the Radnor-Winston neighborhood. Roberts’ victims were engaged in a physical altercation with Jimy Jackson, an associate of Roberts. Roberts produced a knife and stabbed McBroom. When Sinclair went to aid McBroom, Jackson restrained Sinclair by the neck. Roberts stabbed Sinclair while he was being restrained.

Sinclair fled the store as Jackson and Roberts gave chase. Sinclair locked himself inside of a 2000 Lincoln parked in the gas station’s parking lot. Roberts and Jackson fled the scene. Police arrived at the scene at8:40 p.m. and found Sinclair seated in his vehicle, unresponsive. Both Sinclair and McBroom were transported to Johns Hopkins Hospital— Sinclair was pronounced dead at 9:11 p.m.

Members of the Northern District Operations Unit canvassed the area for witnesses and suspects. Police found three suspects in the 5000 block of Ready Avenue. Jackson was one of the three. Jackson admitted to his role in the murder when he was questioned by police. Subsequent investigation determined that Roberts was the individual that stabbed McBroom and killed Sinclair.

“Dondre Roberts is a violent person and deserved this sentence. He single-handedly escalated a fist-fight into something much more serious by introducing a weapon into the fray. Due to his actions, Baltimore lost a very promising young man in Raysharde Sinclair that night.” Bjorklund said.

At the time of the incident Roberts was on probation for an armed carjacking in 2009.

“We are leveraging every legal resource available to keep these individuals off of our streets. Kurt has done a phenomenal job with this case, and it is clear that he understands that we must do all that we can to keep violent repeat offenders out of our communities.” State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby said.

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