Press Releases

For Immediate Release 6/18/15

 Perry Alexander was convicted Wednesday of second-degree murder of Maurice Barfield and Shantese Evans.

Alexander was also convicted of using a handgun during a crime of violence and conspiracy to commit murder. Assistant State’s Attorney Elizabeth Stock prosecuted the case. The murder took place in the Coldspring Homestead Montebello neighborhood.

On February 24, 2013, in the 1700 block of Montpelier Street four men were talking to one another when Maurice Barfield approached the men from a distance. Words were briefly exchanged as Barfield approached the men. Moments later, Alexander and another man—later identified as Deandre Branch— withdrew firearms and began shooting at Barfield, who was unarmed.

At the time of the shooting, Shantese Evans was seated in the passenger seat of a black Cadillac parked directly across the street. Evans had ridden to the location with Barfield.

When Evans witnessed Barfield get shot she began to scream. Alexander walked over to the Cadillac and fired into three sides of the vehicle at close range as Evans tried to escape the gunfire.

Evans was found by first responders with her body slumped over the center console of the vehicle with her head behind the driver’s seat. Barfield was found unresponsive in the middle of the street.

Several days after the murders, one of the four men from the group contacted the police. According to Stock, the witness felt compelled to come forward after witnessing such a graphic scene.

“Both families [of the victims] were so grateful to the witness who came forward.” Stock said. “It says a lot about someone who wants to come forward and do the right thing.”

Stock said that every time the witness met with law enforcement to discuss the case he would always say, “I just want to tell the truth.” The verdict was handed down on what would have been Evans’ 29th birthday. According to Stock, there were as many as 30 family members present when the jury announced its findings.

“I know exactly what those families are going through. The only reason my family received Justice when my cousin was killed, was because a neighbor came forward to testify,” State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby said. “If it wasn’t for this witness—who had the courage to testify in the face of this inexcusable violence —these people may not have received Justice. We as community members must look out for one another.”

The second shooter’s identity was confirmed during the course of the trial. As a result, Deandre Branch was charged with the first-degree murder of Barfield.

Perry, who had no criminal record at the time of the shooting, faces two life sentences plus 100 years for his crimes. He is scheduled for sentencing in August.