Office of the State's Attorney for Baltimore City

For Immediate Release 6/30/2015

Based on the collaborative and tireless investigation conducted by the Baltimore Police Department and the Office of the State’s Attorney’s for Baltimore City, Raeshawn Rivers, Adonay Dixon and John Childs have been indicted on charges stemming from alleged offenses committed on June 7th, 2015. These defendants are all presumed innocent unless and until found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.


 The charges for all three defendants and the maximum penalties are as follows:


  1. First Degree Murder - Life


  1. Second Degree Murder- 30 years


  1. First Degree Arson-30 years


  1. First Degree Rape- Life without parole


  1. Second Degree Rape-20 years


  1. First Degree Burglary-25 years


  1. Kidnapping-30 years


  1. False Imprisonment-30 years


  1. Participation in a Criminal Gang-20 years


  1. Robbery with a Deadly or Dangerous Weapon- 20 years


  1. Openly Wear, Carry Deadly Weapon -3 years


  1. Conspiracy to Commit Murder, Conspiracy to Commit First and Second Degree Rape, Conspiracy to Commit First Degree Burglary, Conspiracy to Kidnap, Conspiracy to Commit False Imprisonment, Conspiracy to Commit Robbery with a Deadly or Dangerous Weapon and Conspiracy to Commit First Degree Arson- Conspiracy Counts all carry the same maximum penalties as substantive counts