Bureaus & Units

The Office of the State's Attorney for Baltimore City

Divisions of the Office of the State's Attorney for Baltimore City


The Operations division is comprised of District Court, Central Booking, Misdemeanor, Juvenile, Problem Solving Court, and Training.

Major Crimes

Major Crimes is the largest division in the office, and is comprised of all of the Felony Trial Units, including Major Investigations, Homicide, Special Victims, Gun Violence Enforcement, General Felony and Narcotics.

Criminal Intelligence

Criminal Intelligence, created under the Mosby Administration, expanded the Conviction Integrity Unit and is also comprised of the Public Trust and Police Integrity, Forfeiture and Economic Crimes, Criminal Strategies, and Evidence Review units.


Administration provides all administrative, non-legal support to the office and includes the following units: Human Resources, Finance, Information Technology, Operations, and Policy and Legislation.

External Affairs

External Affairs, created under the Mosby Administration, is responsible for fostering and strengthening relationships with the Baltimore community and includes the Communications, Victim and Witness Services, Crime Control and Prevention, and Community Engagement units.

Organizational chart for the bureaus and units of the Office of the State's Attorney for Baltimore City Community Engagement, Andrea Curley Legislative Affairs, Jeneffer Haslam Communications, Zy Richardson Victim and Witness Services, Arcelia Greene Crime Control and Prevention, Angel White Deputy State's Attorney Criminal Intelligence, Lauren Lipscomb Deputy State's Attorney Major Crimes, Kurt Bjorklund Deputy State's Attorney Operations, Noelle Newman Sentence Review Unit, Becky Feldman Chief Deputy State's Attorney, Janice Bledsoe Chief of Administration, Camille Blake Fall Strategic Policy Planning Director Chief of Sentencing Review Unit, Becky Feldman State's Attorney, Marilyn Mosby Chief Counsel, Erin Murphy Misdemeanor Jury Trial, David Owens Charging Division, Patrick Motsay District Court, Paul O'Connor Specialty Court Juvenile Division, Donald F. Walter, Jr. Major Investigations and Criminal Strategies Special Victims, Michele Lambert Homicide, Michael Dunty Gun Violence Enforcement, Patrick Gracey General Felony, Cynthia Banks Narcotics, Murphy Hartford Conviction Integrity, Linda Ramirez Police Trust and Policy Integrity, Steven Trostle Economic Crimes, Alex Rodriguez Evidence Review, Sandra Goldthorpe Criminal Investigations, Kelvin Sewell