District Court

The District Court Division is responsible for the prosecution of misdemeanor criminal offenses, as well as all incarcerable traffic offenses which occur in the City of Baltimore. The Division is located in three separate courthouses: The Borgerding Courthouse located at 5800 Wabash Avenue (commonly referred to as “Wabash”), the Eastside Courthouse located at 1400 E. North Avenue, and the Hargrove Courthouse located at 700 E. Patapsco Avenue.

 In addition to case prosecution, the Division seeks to offer diversionary and specialized programs through the courts. Presently, Early Resolution Court, Mental Health Court, Drug Treatment Court, Homeless Court, Veteran’s Court, Specialized Prostitution Diversion and 90-day diversion programs offer services in lieu of prosecution and incarceration.

The Wabash Courthouse

Misdemeanor criminal and traffic cases from the Northern, Northwest and Western Police Districts of Baltimore City are prosecuted at this location. The Building Chief is Mr. Justin Dickman. The BCSAO and District Court bench have placed the District Court Drug Treatment docket and the Failure to Send Child to School docket at this site. The Wabash Courthouse is the location of the Civilian Review Unit of the BCSAO. The Civilian Review Unit (CRU) was created in May 2011 to review cases filed by members of the public with the Court Commissioners.  Additionally, all District Court expungement hearings are held at this building. Bail reviews for all adult male prisoners are heard at the Wabash Building.

The Eastside Courthouse

Misdemeanor criminal and incarcerable traffic cases from the Northeast, Eastern and Southeast Districts are prosecuted at this location.  The Building Chief is Patricia Deros. The Eastside Building is home to Early Resolution Court, Specialized Prostitution Diversion, Homeless Court, Veteran’s Court and 90 day diversion program. The Eastside Courthouse also houses the Domestic Violence Unit of the BCSAO. That Unit is a component of the Special Victims Unit.

The Hargrove Courthouse

Misdemeanor criminal and incarcerable traffic cases from the Central, Southern and Southwest Police Districts are prosecuted at this location.  The Building Chief is ASA Christine Tacka. The BCSAO and bench have placed the District Mental Health Court at this building. Bail review hearings for all female defendants and juvenile defendants are held at the Hargrove Courthouse.

Early Resolution Court

Early Resolution Court (ER) began in September 2000 as a program created to screen out and appropriately dispose of minor cases or victimless crimes at the earliest possible point, freeing up valuable resources to focus on more serious crimes.  ER cases are scheduled on a docket within 10 days of arrest. BCSAO recommendations can include:

  • Docket for the Homeless (DHP)
  • 90 Day Pre-Trial Diversion
  • Specialized Prostitution Diversion
  • Baltimore City Veterans Treatment Court