Office of the State's Attorney for Baltimore City

The Office of the State’s Attorney is dedicated to building a future for Baltimore City where community confidence in the criminal justice system is restored, violent repeat offenders are held accountable and communities feel safe. In order to reach these goals, we’ve taken a holistic approach to fighting crime that starts with changing the drug and gang-infused, “Don’t Snitch” culture in Baltimore’s neighborhoods. First, we launched the Junior State’s Attorney Program which introduces promising middle school students to the criminal justice profession, not just the system. We also created the Aim to B’MORE program providing first-time, non-violent drug offenders with a second chance. We began hosting quarterly Community Days in Court to facilitate open dialogue between law enforcement and the community. And finally we reinstated the Community Liaison Program to provide the community with a direct connection to our Office and reorganized and expanded our Victim/Witness Unit to ensure every victim/witness receives the protection and services they deserve. Your donation will go towards growing these programs to serve as many Baltimore City residents as possible.


AIM to B’MORE is an innovative felony drug initiative program and is open to thirty participants. Appropriate candidates are non-violent, first time offenders, charged with felony drug offenses. Defendants are granted a Probation Before Judgment and placed on three years of meaningful probation. Components of probation include: giving back to the community by performing community service tailored to one’s employment goals; completing a GED program; partaking in a four week job skills program at STRIVE located at the Centers for Urban Families; and obtaining internships and full time employment. The probation lasts three years during which elevations and celebrations occur when full time employment is achieved; probation becomes unsupervised; and an expungement is granted.


Jr. State's Attorney Program

This initiative seeks to provide promising middle school children, who otherwise may not be exposed to criminal justice careers, an enjoyable hands on learning experience in the Baltimore City State's Attorney's Office. "We want to provide our children with a positive, hands-on opportunity to learn about criminal justice issues. The goal is to expose them to the profession of the criminal justice system, not make them a part of it- Marilyn Mosby." The program works with 30 students  from 10 different middle schools across the city. The 10 participating middle schools are Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Harlem Park, Edgecombe Circle, Tench Tilghman, Cherry Hill, Bay Brook, William Pinderhughes, Highlandtown, Collington Square and Dr. Carter Godwin Woodson.

Great Expectation  

The Great Expectations program is a ten month program in which Assistant State’s Attorneys as well as Baltimore City Police Officers, Social Workers, Judges, Media Personnel and Professors will visit 4th graders at Franklin Square Elementary School to describe the work they do to the students. The goal of the program is to get children interested in law enforcement careers, and expose the students to the positive side of the criminal justice system.


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