Evidence Review Unit

The Evidence Review Unit (ERU) was formed in November 2015 in response to the implementation of the Baltimore Police Department’s (BPD) Body Worn Camera (BWC) program.  Initially, ERU obtained, reviewed, and redacted BPD BWC videos needed for trial.  In 2016, ERU’s responsibilities expanded to include obtaining other types of evidence not only from BPD but Maryland State, neighboring county, and college/public school law enforcement agencies. This expanded list of evidence, which ERU obtains both proactively and by request, includes law enforcement CCTV; forensic analyses (CDS, firearms, DNA, Latents, and Crime Scene Unit reports and photographs); 911/KGA audio recordings; aviation videos; DashCam videos; and commercial/residential CCTV videos.

ERU has developed extensive relationships with area forensic and law enforcement partners which has facilitated this growth in responsibilities.  As new police technologies expand, ERU’s responsibilities will continue to grow.