General Felony Unit

The General Felony Trial Division is one of the largest, most robust, and versatile units at the Baltimore City State's Attorney Office. Headed by Chief Twila Charlyse Driggins II, and Team Captain Michael Leedy, who have a combined 40 years of experience, the Felony Trial Division believes in one vision: Legacies Built Here. The Felony Trial Division is made up of exemplary prosecutors who are eager to bring justice to the citizens of Baltimore. These skilled and versatile attorneys handle any number of general felony crimes, from armed robbery, to carjacking, to assault, and even attempted murder. This unit is supported by two veteran administrative assistants and two knowledgeable law clerks, whose job is to assist the Felony Prosecutors from Grand Jury Indictment, through the discovery phase, and ultimately through to the trial or plea phase of a case. Prosecutors from the Felony Unit may go on to even prosecute more serious crimes in Homicide, GVED, Narcotics, and the Special Victims Unit. Their experience in prosecuting a wide variety of felony crimes creates well-rounded, well-developed attorneys in the event that they move on to more specific, specialized units. Felony Prosecutors are given agency in which cases they indict and prosecute, and they are given latitude to bring justice to the citizens of Baltimore, as a multitalented, growing unit. Felony Trial Division: Legacies Built Here.