Gun Violence Enforcement Division

Prosecutors in the BCSAO’s Gun Violence Enforcement Division (GVED) are responsible for investigating and prosecuting crimes of violence committed with a firearm; complex multi-defendant cases involving gun violence; and mastering all relevant gun enforcement laws.  The Division is also responsible for significant investigations involving violent repeat offenders and individuals who disproportionately contribute to violence within Baltimore City. GVED is unique in that it also has embedded Detectives from the Baltimore City Police Department that work side by side with GVED prosecutors. 

In the event of a non-fatal shooting, a GVED prosecutor assigned to the area in which the crime occurred is given the case. They will work with the primary detective on case development to include; making themselves available to interview witnesses, provide legal guidance and, if necessary, travel to the crime scene. GVED prosecutors work closely with their law enforcement counterparts including the Baltimore City Police Department; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms; Federal Bureau of Investigation; and the United States Attorney’s Office, along with other agencies that investigate cases relevant to the Division.

As with other BCSAO divisions, GVED’s victim advocacy team is a central component of the Division. The victim advocates immediately contact victims or witnesses to help provide support and safety counseling.  It is the goal of GVED to keep our victims and witnesses safe, informed, and prepared throughout the process.