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WBAL TV- "You can arrest individuals for an assault. You should be arresting individuals that are defacing and maliciously destroying public and private property, assaulting people and attempted murder. These are all crimes that we continue to prosecute and have been prosecuting," Mosby said. Read more

Davis Vanguard- This is a critical time in our country. Lies and misinformation about the integrity of our elections have spread widely. As officers of the justice system, we must help restore integrity and confidence in our system of government. We do that today by urging state leaders across the country to stop passing laws that limit and criminalize voting. We likewise call for leaders at all levels of government to prioritize measures to protect the franchise. These sensible measures include automatic voter registration and expanding access to online voter registration, same-day registration, and early voting. And we should restore and strengthen federal oversight of state laws that restrict citizens’ ability to vote. Read More

South China Morning Post- A man accused in a rampage at three Baltimore liquor stores owned by Asian-American families last month is now facing hate crime charges, prosecutors announced on Monday. Read More

The Baltimore Sun- More than 30 business and restaurant owners in Fells Point are threatening to withhold taxes if city leaders do not address crime, trash and other issues they say are plaguing the waterfront neighborhood. Read More

WMAR- Bryant Woodley was sentenced to Life, plus fifteen years, for the murder of his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend. Read More 

Mankato Free Press- Daryl Doles, 50, was already charged with robbery and assault for the attacks, but a 22-count indictment returned Monday includes nine hate-crime counts and multiple attempted murder charges. If convicted of all charges, Doles faces a potential maximum sentence of two life sentences plus 65 years in prison, prosecutors said in a news release. Read More

WJZ- A man convicted of shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend’s new partner was sentenced Friday to life plus 15 years, according to the Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office. Read More

Baltimore Sun- A Baltimore man has been indicted on charges he killed a man in Pigtown last month, the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office said. Read More 

DOJ- Today, Acting United States Attorney for the District of Maryland Jonathan F. Lenzner announced a significant expansion of the U.S. Attorney’s Office’s collaborative initiative with state and local law enforcement to prosecute the illegal possession of firearms in Baltimore. The expansion of the initiative, known as Project EXILE, includes state funding to hire additional prosecutors to bring firearms-related offenses in federal court and for a media campaign supporting outreach efforts into Baltimore neighborhoods. This collaborative firearms prosecution initiative brings prosecutors from the Maryland Office of the Attorney General and Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office into the U.S. Attorney’s Office to focus on individuals illegally possessing firearms in Baltimore. Read More

Baltimore Sun- In 2012, she won exoneration for Demetrius Smith, who was serving a life sentence for murder; evidence surfaced proving another man the killer. She cleared the name of Larry Hugee, who was serving 25 years for armed robbery. The years brought more victories: John Mooney, Malcolm Bryant, Clarence Shipley, Eric Simmons, Alfred Chestnut. Read More