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"This case was deeply traumatic for everyone in the community and especially for the family of Evelyn Player, a matriarch of the neighborhood, who can never be replaced," Baltimore City State's Attorney Ivan Bates said. "This plea allows the family to receive closure and process their grief, resulting in a lengthy sentence that will ensure this dangerous individual never returns to the streets of our city again." Read more.

Bates is lobbying state lawmakers to make the possession of an illegal firearm a five-year maximum offense across the board. He emphasized this is not a mandatory minimum sentence. Read more. 

Marchers also included newly installed Baltimore State’s Attorney Ivan Bates, City Council President Nick Mosby, state Sen. Antonio Hayes and state Del. Caylin Young. Read more.

Newly elected Baltimore State’s Attorney Ivan Bates dropped all charges against Davis on Friday morning — ending a case that Bates describes as a tainted prosecution led by his predecessor, Marilyn Mosby, and fulfilling a promise he made to Davis’ wife and supporters over his two campaigns to be the city’s top prosecutor. Read more.

Newly elected Baltimore City State's Attorney Ivan Bates is seeking tougher sentences for illegal gun possession. "I would like to have a five-year maximum penalty for gun possession across the board," Bates said. Read more.

Baltimore State’s Attorney Ivan Bates hired two prosecutors to lead the office’s high-profile special victims and major investigations units, and brought on a third attorney to spearhead a reconfigured post-conviction team. Read more. 

Tuerk House in West Baltimore is adding a pharmacy, an urgent care facility, and other new amenities to help patients overcome addiction. Read more. 

"You have high school students on lunch break and someone with a gun shoots and kills them and take that life. We have to do something because enough is enough," Bates said. Read more. 

We have a chance. We have a new state’s attorney (Ivan Bates sworn in as Baltimore state’s attorney, immediately reinstates prosecution of low-level offenses, Jan. 3). The prior state’s attorney seemed to focus on traveling, on determining which crimes not to prosecute and on exonerating innocent prisoners. No matter how noble the latter effort, perhaps the new state’s attorney can focus on prosecuting and convicting criminals which, so far as I know, is the main element in his job description. That can only help. Read more. 

“Illegal Guns are killing too many people in our city. They're being used to rob carjack and attack our fellow residents. And enough is enough,” Bates said. Read more.