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The Maryland Organized Crime Bill, set to expand the state's current statutes, is under consideration, with support from local prosecutors.  They say the enhanced measures will combat the rise in sophisticated criminal activities. Read more.

The jury found Elliot Knox guilty of eight of nine counts charged in the Dec. 16, 2021, shootings, including two counts each of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder, but acquitted him of using a firearm in the commission of Holley’s death. Read more.

Purisima’s co-defendant Jerritt Barron did not plead guilty, leading Purisima’s attorney, Ronald Kurland, to argue, “You can ask nothing more than for a man to be responsible for his actions.” Though he tried attributing the crime to drugs and psychological issues, it was not enough to sway Judge Handy from the hefty sentence. Read more.

"The terror and pain that this defendant inflicted on the victim can never be undone, but I hope that this lengthy sentence brings them, and the community, a sense of closure and peace after such a frightening experience," State's Attorney Ivan Bates said. "Trauma is real, and the residents of this community will feel the impacts of this violent incident for years to come. My office remains steadfast in its commitment to justice and our residents. Our city is not a playground for lawlessness and violence." Read more.

“The Royal Farms store is an open drug use place. You can just go up there, you can stand in front in the morning. You can get your cup of coffee and you can also get your dope," said one resident. Read more.

A rise in certain crimes — such as car thefts, carjackings and gun charges — among Maryland youth is at the forefront of policymakers’ and lawmakers’ minds during the current General Assembly session. Read more.

In the first case, Bates said three Baltimore County police officers were taking a man, who had just been picked up on an arrest warrant, to Johns Hopkins Hospital for a wrist injury. At one point, Bates said the man told officers that he couldn’t breathe and banged his head against the window of the police car. Read more.

Fox45 Baltimore provided me with the platform to sit down with the governor of Maryland, Wes Moore; Baltimore City State’s Attorney Ivan Bates; and Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Aisha Braveboy during a critical town hall to discuss the state of criminality among juveniles in the state. Fox45’s unwavering efforts in reporting on issues such as education and crime — issues that disproportionately affect Black families — and their willingness to bring together the media, the governor and the state’s attorneys for this critical conversation is invaluable. Read more.

Hickey, 31, was a Baltimore County volunteer firefighter and photographer who had been accepted into the next recruit class for the Baltimore Fire Department. Greene had worked as a firefighter for Prince George’s County Fire Department until 2013. Read more.

On Sept. 27 at about 7:15 p.m., Small was with more than a dozen officers from the city and the county in the 400 block of North Washington Street, pursuing a man who had escaped from police custody at Johns Hopkins Hospital, the indictment said. Police had arrested the man on county charges related to several armed robberies in summer 2023, court records show. Read more.