Press Releases

Baltimore, Md. (January 13, 2023) - Today, State’s Attorney Ivan J. Bates announces that the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office (SAO) dismisses all charges against Keith Davis, Jr. in both criminal cases against him. The dismissal of all criminal charges against Keith Davis, Jr. is the result of a thorough review of his prosecution thus far, as well as thoughtful consideration of what it means to seek justice in Baltimore City, not only for the SAO, but victims and their families, those criminally charged, and the residents of Baltimore City. The State's Attorney and his team made this decision after meeting with the victims and their families and considering their personal views and feedback on this critical decision.

“I understand that I spoke about this case on the campaign trail while running for this office, and that is why I removed myself from the review process and requested Deputy State’s Attorney Thomas Donnelly to conduct it,” said State’s Attorney Bates. “Deputy Donnelly has reviewed all the pertinent information, analyzed the law, and concluded that we should not continue this prosecution. Today’s dismissal is about the prosecutorial missteps of my predecessor in her pursuit of a conviction at all costs. I fully recognize the pain and anguish that repeated unsuccessful prosecutions have caused the victim's family, and I truly sympathize with them. Still, as State’s Attorney, I have a duty to ensure justice for all, not just the victim but also the accused.”

“It is clear that a blatant disregard for the rules of professional responsibility and the law has permeated throughout the attempted prosecutions of Mr. Davis,” said Deputy State’s Attorney Donnelly. “The handling of the Pimlico case up to this point, as well as the timing and manner of the Maryland Reception, Diagnostic and Classification Center (MRDCC) charges, have caused serious questions regarding the integrity and legitimacy of any further prosecution of Mr. Davis.”

State’s Attorney Bates advises the prosecutors in the SAO to continuously review their cases to ensure they seek justice rather than just convictions. Today’s dismissal is a result of that process and is an essential step toward restoring the integrity and dignity of the SAO.