Press Releases

Baltimore (Md.) April 19, 2024 - The State's Attorney for Baltimore City and the Baltimore Police Commissioner announce efforts to curb illegal dirt bike activity. As the warm weather season approaches, the frequency of this offense typically escalates. This is a reminder to the community that riding and/or fueling a dirt bike is not permitted within city limits. Following the State’s Attorney’s comments to enforce parental accountability, this latest dirt bike enforcement will also include a targeted push to pursue charges against parents/guardians who violate the city ordinance against dirt bikes.

Pursuant to Police Ordinance 40, no service station nor any other person may sell, transfer, or dispense motor fuel for delivery into any dirt bike, unregistered motorcycle, or similar vehicle. Anyone who violates this ordinance is subject to a fine of up to $1,000 for each offense. Similarly, no parent or guardian of a minor may knowingly permit the minor to violate any provision of this ordinance, which forbids riding or storing a dirt bike in Baltimore City. 

"Illegal dirt bike riding endangers pedestrians, drivers, and the riders themselves," said State's Attorney Ivan J. Bates. "It's imperative that we crack down on every individual enabling illegal dirt bike riding to persist in our city and uplift those organizations, like B360, that provide alternatives to riders. This increased enforcement directly responds to calls from our residents and communities and is ultimately about safety in Baltimore." 

BPD will issue citations to service stations and other businesses that sell motor fuel to dirt bike riders. Year-to-date, BPD has seized 29 dirt bikes and ATVs. At the same time, the SAO will pursue the prosecution of not only juveniles riding dirt bikes but also their parents who permit this behavior.

“As the weather warms up and illegal dirt bike usage increases, we need to explore every option to curb these activities,” said Police Commissioner Richard Worley. “It is a nuisance, disruptive to our neighborhoods and detrimental to our residents’ quality of life. To businesses who are knowingly aiding these dirt bike riders: You are adding fuel to the fire and will be cited.”

Fines for Businesses and Parents of Juveniles are as follows: