Office of the State's Attorney for Baltimore City

SAO Press Releases

For Immediate Release: 12/18/17

East Baltimore — George Spell was found guilty by a jury of all counts stemming from his arrest for felony narcotics and firearms violations, and sentenced to 12 years in prison. Assistant State’s Attorney Richard Boucher prosecuted the case.

For Immediate Release: 12/15/17

South Baltimore — Orery Smith, 19, was convicted of first degree burglary, robbery with a dangerous weapon, and nine other robbery, gun, and assault charges. Assistant State’s Attorney Patrick Jennings prosecuted the case.

For Immediate Release: 12/15/17

Northeast Baltimore —Davi Ralph was sentenced to 60 years in prison after being convicted of shooting at police. Ralph was found guilty of first degree assault, use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence, being a felon in possession of a handgun after a disqualifying crime, and illegally carrying and transporting a handgun for firing a handgun at Baltimore Police officers during a foot pursuit.

Assistant State’s Attorneys Richard Gibson and Justin Dickman of the Major Investigations Unit prosecuted the case.

For Immediate Release 12/11/2017

Central Baltimore— Jermaine Doggett was convicted by a Baltimore City jury of first degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon. Doggett’s co-defendant, Randy Case, was convicted of first degree assault. Assistant State’s Attorney Charles Fitzpatrick prosecuted the case.

For Immediate Release: 12/8/17

Central Baltimore — Vincent Barefoot and Derrick Jackson were convicted of the murder of Tayvon Cokley. Barefoot was sentenced to two Life sentences plus 20 years after being found guilty of first degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, using a firearm to commit a crime of violence, and illegally transporting a handgun. Jackson was sentenced to Life suspend all but 50 years plus an additional 10 years for first degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and being an accessory after the fact to murder.

Assistant State’s Attorney Charles Fitzpatrick prosecuted the case.

For Immediate Release: 12/6/17

Central Baltimore — Abou Goloko was convicted of first degree sex offense, third degree sex offense, attempted home invasion, attempted first degree burglary, and attempted robbery. Assistant State’s Attorney Jennifer McAllister prosecuted the case.

For Immediate Release: 12/4/17

Southwest Baltimore — Dominic McCoy pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter, two counts of causing life threatening injuries while driving under the influence, and driving under the influence while transporting a minor. The sentencing hearing is set for January 31, 2018.

Assistant State’s Attorney Rita Wistoff-Ito prosecuted the case.

For Immediate Release: 12/4/2017

The Office of the State’s Attorney for Baltimore City continues to employ significant resources to thoroughly assess questionable body-worn camera (BWC) incidents, as well as the 8 federally indicted officers of the former Baltimore Police Department Gun Trace Task Force. This assessment includes the evaluation of the materiality of cases related to the officers involved. 

For Immediate Release: 11/28/17

North Baltimore — Twenty-five year old Treyvon Brown was convicted of 7 criminal counts, including use of a firearm in a drug trafficking crime, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, and other related drug and gun charges. He was sentenced to 11 years in prison, suspend all but 5 years without the possibility of parole. Brown’s case stemmed from a felonious car stop in May of 2017. Brown has a prior conviction that prohibits him from possessing a firearm and ammunition.

Assistant State’s Attorney Cyndi Adkins prosecuted the case.

For immediate release 11/21/2017

State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby joined more than 25 current and former prosecutors and law enforcement officials in a new Amicus Brief filed by Georgetown Law’s Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection (ICAP) and organized by Fair and Just Prosecution (FJP) challenging the money bill system. Mosby along with other signatories of the brief argue that the City of Calhoun, Georgia’s practice of detaining misdemeanor defendants before trial based solely on their inability to pay money bail “offends the Constitution, undermines confidence in the criminal justice system, impedes prosecutors, and fails to promote safer communities.”