Police Use of Force Declination Reports

State’s Attorney Mosby has pledged to apply one standard of justice for all. With this pledge, it is critical that the office remains transparent to the extent the law allows to ensure that the office is constantly and consistently working towards rebuilding community trust.

The BCSAO is currently the only jurisdiction in Maryland that follows the recommendation of the Association of Prosecuting Attorney’s (APA) 21st Century Prosecution Standards, which encourages prosecutors to communicate directly with the public when declining to charge an officer in use of force and police involved shootings.

Under the policy that was implemented by State's Attorney Mosby, the agency posts case summaries to its website that explain the BCSAO’s legal rationale for not pressing charges against the accused officer(s), as well as provides supporting evidence and documentation for the declination to charge.

In cases where the BCSAO or an independent investigator chooses to bring charges, the legal process moves forward as it does in any other criminal case. Prosecutors are ethically barred from commenting publicly on active criminal cases. Read our Police Use of Force Declination Reports below.

Date Location
9-24-18 300 Hilton Parkway
9-23-18 100 N. Freemont Street
1-28-18 3600 Gwynn Falls Parkway
1-16-18 300 North Charles Street
10-16-17 6001 Harford Road
6-27-17 1600 Block of Filbert Street
6-3-17 100 Block of S. Calverton Road
5-27-17 2700 W. Baltimore Street
3-24-17 1027 N. Fulton Avenue
2-7-17 1900 Block Frederick Avenue
11-25-16 3300 Greenmount Avenue
11-22-16 1000 Block N. Monroe Street
4-28-16 2000 West 41st Street
4-27-16 Aisquith Street and Baltimore Street